This page contains a list of all buildings that are in the game's source code already, but have not yet been released for in-game use. There is no way for us to know when (and even if) these buildings will be released. Also, the buildings' names and the indications 'LimitedEdition', 'Decoration' and 'Utility' are just educated guesses by me, so please do not complain if it appears to be incorrect.

Added in v1.3.19Edit

LimitedEdition CabaretLimitedEdition Elysium HotelLimitedEdition Entertainment CenterLimitedEdition Imperial HotelLimitedEdition Medieval CastleLimitedEdition Nightclub 2LimitedEdition Pastry ShopLimitedEdition Roadside CafeLimitedEdition ShowroomLimitedEdition Space MansionLimitedEdition UFO Attraction

Added in v1.3.5Edit

LimitedEdition Business CenterDecoration FountainDecoration Luxury FountainUtility Gas StationLimitedEdition Morgan's BarDecoration OasisDecoration ParkLimitedEdition Parking LotUtility Radio StationDecoration SphinxLimitedEdition Swimming pool

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